ZCM Garment Steamer High Capacity Fabric and Garment Steamer Compact Ironing for Home Office Travel RS-GT YBIITQFPN

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Hanging machine helping you straighten all your family's clothes at once.No more ironing boards and irons that take ages to heat up.Your fabrics will look crisp in no time,giving you a sleek, impressive appearance【Say Goodbye To The Wrinkles】design perfectly steam to remove stubborn clothes Scratch, wrinkle,furniture upholstery, curtains, bedding, table liners,automotive interior and more,easy to maneuver【 Fast Heat up Garment steamer】Just simply fill it with tap water and plug it in portable garment steamer to create steam.TINY TIPS:To achieve best results, Pls not let your garment steamer be tilted when use【Portable Travel】this compact and light weight Fabric Clothes Steamer design is travel and storage friendly.Packing it in your luggage and look elegant and smart everywhere you go.allowing you to handle it effortlessly【Surprising Gifts】 It is a good choice to use this great garment steamer as gifts to your friends and families.Beautiful modern looking and good quality,we are so confident that your families and friends will love this Hand Held Clothes Steamer

Water tank capacity:2.5L
Power: 2000W
Rated voltage:220V/50HZ

1.Clothes steamer is the perfect appliance for you to give your clothes a professional and fresh crease-free finish
2.The steamer only takes 60-80 seconds to heat up and produces high-temperature steam for guaranteed removal of creases and also bacteria and mould prevention
3.The handheld steamer will send powerful jets of steam onto clothing to remove creases.This steamer has two settings, perfect for all clothing types
4.We will put the plug converter in the package,if you can not accept this,please do not place an order,thank you for your understanding

1. If your cloth is very expensive, please add purified water to the water tank
2. Please do not eject the steam towards people or animals in case of scald.Do not surpass the maximum line,please Stay away from children
3.During the operation,please don't touch the steam outlet on the iron head
4.Please keep the machine away from flammable or explosive objects
5.Turn off the power supply and pull out the plug before discharging or filling water in the tank
6. Because of the temperature difference,it's normal to see the condensate water in the surface of the steamer when you start using

ZCM Garment Steamer High Capacity Fabric and Garment Steamer Compact Ironing for Home Office Travel RS-GT YBIITQFPN

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