2 m Milk Tube and Cleaning Brush Catering for Jura Coffee Machines 7 49 & x20AC M IMGLDTJWU

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Milk tube and cleaning brush for Jura catering fully automatic coffee machinesPlease note?-?for hygiene reasons every milk tube sp?testens should every 3?months completely renovated.Milk tube material: Lebensmittelvertr?gliches silicone clear 3?mm. Inner Diameter, 6?mm. Outer DiameterTotal Length: 22?cm, Length Brush Head: 5?cm, diameter at brush head: 3?mm Brush; Material: Stainless Steel Wire, Nylon Fibres.Bring you long for a 3?month's supply (stage: 38?cm (0,38?m). 2?m silicone hose be enough for 1?year.

Beispielhafte Compatibility with Jura fully automatic coffee machines: Impressa A9, IMPRESSA A5, IMPRESSA C5, IMPRESSA C9, IMPRESSA C60, IMPRESSA, C65, IMPRESSA C50, IMPRESSA C55/Impressa C60, IMPRESSA, C65, IMPRESSA, IMPRESSA C70, C75?Impressa C90, IMPRESSA E10, IMPRESSA E25, IMPRESSA E30, IMPRESSA E40, IMPRESSA E45, IMPRESSA E5, IMPRESSA, IMPRESSA E55, IMPRESSA E50, E60, IMPRESSA E65, IMPRESSA E70, IMPRESSA E75, IMPRESSA, E80, IMPRESSA E85?ENA9?ENA3?-?ENA7?ENA5?-?ENA Micro Easy, Ena, Ena Micro 1, Ena Micro5?8, Ena Micro Pack include 1?2?3?4?5?6?7?8?9?Impressa F8, IMPRESSA F9?Impressa F7, IMPRESSA, F85, IMPRESSA F50, IMPRESSA 50?Classic Impressa, F55?Impressa F5, IMPRESSA, IMPRESSA, F90, IMPRESSAJ85?Impressa J80, IMPRESSA J 9.4, IMPRESSA J9.3, IMPRESSA j9.2?-?Impressa J9?-?Impressa J7, IMPRESSA J5, IMPRESSA S50, IMPRESSA S7, IMPRESSA S70, IMPRESSA S75, IMPRESSA S85, IMPRESSA S9, IMPRESSA S9?avantgarde, IMPRESSA S9?One Touch, IMPRESSA S90, IMPRESSA S95, IMPRESSA Z9, IMPRESSA Z7, IMPRESSA Z5?-?Easy auto cappuccino, professional auto cappuccino. (no claim to be complete).

2 m Milk Tube and Cleaning Brush Catering for Jura Coffee Machines 7 49 & x20AC M IMGLDTJWU

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